Friday, March 6, 2009

New Year New Website

Dear Friends,

Here's to taking steps. Not necessarily big ones, but steps nonetheless.

It's been three years since I made a decision to refuse to register for the draft, and it seems it is high time to inform those who are interested.

It has been one year since a lawyer at the ACLU became convinced that I might have a case to raise in defense of my decision, and a number of months since his first contact to the Selective Service System, the executive organization that manages the draft.

Now my job is to wait. The good thing about the ACLU is that they will provide expert lawyers and maybe even publicity free of charge. The only problem is you have to wait for them to finish defending Guantanamo detainees and other people whose cases are much more important than your own.

Given these circumstances, I am happy to be patient for a while, but that does not mean that I have to be inactive.

And so, when I am not working on education, music, cooking, meditating, and sleeping, (among other things,) I have been slowly taking steps towards building up this website.

My next plan is to begin publicizing, and one of my schemes includes making a short animated advertisement for the website. Yes, I admit the plan is a little silly, and yet I am very excited about it. Expect it to be available within the next month or two.

At that point, I will be asking supporters to please watch it, post links to it and the website, and of course tell their friends. If you want to keep posted on these developments, please send me an email or friend me on facebook (search for Tobin Jacobrown.)

A great thank you to everyone who has lent me support and encouragement as I continue on my long route toward practicing peace.

And while I am turning this out I hope you will join me in a special wish for peace and health for those in Gaza after the recent bombings, and to those in Darfur who will suffer now that prominent foreign aid organizations have been expelled.

If the way was easy, it would be another world. My heart goes out to you.


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