Thursday, July 2, 2009

1,000 miles to peace, specifically

Dear Friends,

My lawyer and I are nearing a decision on a date to file our case, (sometime in the next month!) but I'm already looking forward to what's next.

I'm proud to announce that for my next adventure I'm planning a 1,000 mile bike trip down the west coast to spread the word about draft registration and conscientious objection.

I'll be starting in Washington state early in September and plan to arrive in San Francisco late in October, hoping to stop and talk in high schools and do workshops in colleges along the way.

If you have any ideas for me or connections you think I should look up, please contact me. I'll be looking for interested folks of all types along the way, and especially teachers and students.

But that's not all. Meanwhile I am also working on a few new features to this website, (we'll see how many finally come into being,) but, here's one that I'm going to share whether it survives or not.

Here's the first few seconds of a small animated advertisement for the site. Please imagine beautiful music and stunning sound effects.

Maybe now I'll be convinced I need to finish it.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you're enjoying your summer.



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