Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Can't call it yet, but hopeful signs -

The details are confidential, but this is what I'm at liberty to say:

We're coming to the end of the time appointed for the Department of Justice to respond to our suit, (that is my lawyer's and mine, at this point he's really doing all the work.) However, the DOJ has happily not made a motion to dismiss the case as of yet, which seems to be a temporary vote of confidence that, yes, they think this is serious enough to not try to get it thrown out without discussion.

What has happened so far is that the DOJ lawyer has contacted my lawyer, they had a few friendly off-the-record talks, and the possibility of settlement has come up. I feel like a spy or a politician when I have to say that I'm not supposed to discuss what that might entail; but I think it's safe to assure you that this hypothetical settlement is probably not the sort where a person gets paid a lot of money to be quiet -
- since my lawsuit never asked for money in the first place -- but more likely one that involves some accommodation of my religious beliefs.

Really, to me, this would be the best case scenario - to receive satisfaction and not even have to fight about it. A truly nonviolent alternative.

In any case, we've granted the defense
some extra time to consider this possibility, and then - who knows.

Thank you for your interest and patience, and happy autumn.