Thursday, November 12, 2009

Getting Settled

The Department of Justice lawyer wants to pursue settlement.

We're working on a deal where my claim to conscientious objection will be recognized by letter before I register, in this way, the indication is that officially I am registering to be considered for non-military service.

This doesn't mean I will be guaranteed CO status if a draft occurs, but at least my intent is clear and the process is in accordance with my beliefs.

It's a very exciting development, honestly, I was prepared for a much longer and more difficult process. Still, it's not over yet- my lawyer and I have drafted our letter requesting recognition, but we have yet to hear a response. There may be quite a bit of negotiation still.

But if this really is it, if they really stick to their offer and are ready to accommodate my needs, well I'll be happy as a clam and grateful for such swift satisfaction.

I hope your fall is progressing as encouragingly as mine,